8 Good Things About the Internet

All of us have accessed the internet and we know how it has changed our lives. We do everything online and other mobile devices have saved us a lot. We can use the internet for entertainment, learning, working, meeting new people and more. Here are some of the reasons why this technology is good for each one of us.




Teenagers get a lot of information they need online especially if they feel uncomfortable discussing them with their parents. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information online which are incorrect ad other reliable sites gives great information about depression, health and sexuality which are free of charge. Social network can help the individual make a good decision about their health as long as they gather correct information from reliable sites. You can easily find easy keto diet desserts!


ii. Learning


Students who access the internet are more likely to graduate than those who’re unable to access. There are large numbers of courses that are available online. Some of these courses are free and others require payment. In the last five years, students who’re taking their online courses have increased up to 96 percent.


iii. Economy


The Internet has contributed up to 3.4 percent of GDP in 13 different countries worldwide including Canada, UK, US and Spain. The Internet creates jobs and several companies in different countries are presently online and internet helps them to increase their sales. The Internet also helps these companies to boost their customer-seller relationship.


iv. Communication


Skype has connected a lot of people worldwide. Skype is a good place where you can meet with your next partner. Some studies show that between 2005 and 2012, 35 percent of couples marrying in the United States had met online which is something interesting.


v. Entertainment


You may like reading funny emails from your friends. Through the internet, you can make people around the world have fun. Even when you’re not good at making jokes, you can still get them online and then forward to your friends online.


vi. Possibility to earn


One can earn online through filling up forms, writing and advertisements in the internet. Advertisements which are posted online enable sellers and manufacturers to increase the possibility of their products to be purchased. A lot of Americans have already started their own home business. Great opportunities existed online with websites such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon.


vii. Online transactions


Buyers and sellers can do the transaction through online using facilities such as credit cards and Paypal. One thing buyers can do online is to surf online and even select some products they wish to buy. No need of having a physical store to maintain since the products can be shipped from the factory to the buyer. Brick and mortar stores own website and this makes buyers order products effortlessly and they ship directly to them without charges in most cases.


viii. Savings on travel cost


It is possible for business managers or executives to do teleconferencing through the internet. This will enable them to save a lot since there’s no need of meeting physically to discuss matters. No more incurring expensive airline costs and wastage of time, too.


In the end, we’ll agree that there are tons of good things about the internet. Almost anyone in the globe can find his/her own reason as to why the internet is good.